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Boat Yacht Detailing

Let’s face it, day in and day out salt air, corrosion, saltwater, the bright sun and heat can not only damage your vessel’s appeal, but it also affects the important parts and functions that keep your vessel running great. This is why Ocean Breeze specializes in detailing and repairs on boats and yachts. We only use the best materials in the business that are environmentally friendly to ensure that your vessel will maintain that brand new look and quality. We take pride in every part of detailing your boat, from full housekeeping services like cleaning, dusting, vacuuming and sanitizing living spaces.

To add an extra sparkle to the outside with stem-to-stern mopping of passageways, windows and decks, our detailing doesn’t end with mopping and cleaning we also include metal restoration, varnishing, wax and compounding, bilge cleaning and even barnacle removal. . Our services are offered through monthly scheduled maintenance or on a one time basis so that all of your boat needs are met. Remember taking care of your boat doesn’t just mean keeping it clean for your next cruise…it means protecting your investment and keeping everything in ship shape.






Interior/Exterior Detail Services

    • WASHES

Our washes consist of detailed interior and exterior cleaning with extremely powerful, but non abrasive products that are environmentally safe.

    • WAXES

The waxes that we provide will remove oxidation and restore the boats paint or gel coat finish to an illuminating shine. We recommend having the deck of your boat waxed every three months and the deck and hull waxed every six months, because a fresh coat of wax will protect your boat from UV rays, dirt, salt and other pollutants that may cause a dull appearance.


The exterior finish on fiberglass boats has a porous mix of polyester resins and pigments that must be sealed from the damaging effects of UV rays, dirt, salt and weather. Neglecting it will make it become more porous due to the oxidation of the mixture resins. What remains is a faded, dull finish. Yearly compounds will keep your boat looking fresh for years. Periodic polishing with fine compounds will remove the oxidation. Applying and maintaining a good coat of wax will prevent further deterioration. We also offer machine compounding, polishing and waxing which will restore the luster of your boat if it has become dull and chalky.


We use a special Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) polish that will return your vinyl enclosures clarity and help hide scratches. The polish also makes you vinyl enclosure water repellent.


We clean, remove any mildew and recondition any surface. Our commitment to keeping your boat in tip top shape and the products we use will make your leather or vinyl look like new.


All metal work from cleats, the bow rail, t-tops, or tuna tower will benefit tremendously from our metal restoration services. Its removes rust and tarnish from all metal types; and the protective metal wax we use will protect it from future pitting and corrosion.


We will degrease and polish the engines and engine rooms as well as clean the bilges; if requested engines can be repainted. Also before being detailed diapers will be laid down to ensure that the no oil will leak on to the boat.



  • Fire and safety equipment annual service (required for federal laws and coastguard regulations)
  • Upholstery and custom design canvas’ and repairs
  • Boat transportation
  • Captaining services
  • Air conditioning and refrigeration
  • Dry cleaning carpet runners
  • Shampoo carpets
  • Haul and launch with our own trucks and seven different sized boat trailers


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