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Bottom Cleaning & Painting

We can do quite a bit with your boat still in the water, but sometimes, bottom service requires your vessel to get dry. Ocean Breeze, Inc. will do whatever it takes to put the wet half of your boat in ship shape.Services like bottom cleaning and barnacle removal not only maintain the integrity of the hull, but reduce drag and ensure optimal functioning of control surfaces like the rudder and trim tabs.


We typically apply a fresh coat of bottom paint about once a year
which will keep your boat looking great and barnacle free. In order to achieve the best results possible we take the following steps:

  • Acid wash the bottom
  • Interprotect barrier system application
  • Complete boat bottom sanding
  • Gel coat blister repair
  • All anti-fouling paint are applied professionally

And if you require work while your boat is in the water, our certified divers provide the kind of services that will keep that fishing trip to Bimini on schedule. But more importantly, like our other services, we’ll keep your boat running safely and running well, even if that means getting a little wet.


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